Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Gen Proton One Limo for Malaysia Prime Minister

this is a brand new limo for our PRIME MINISTER. made by the designer Din Wahab Saakian.

Malaysian government has specially commissioned vehicles for Prime Minister use, often specifying advanced communications equipment, special convenience features, armor plating, and defense countermeasures.

Most details of the car are classified for security reasons. However, it is known that it is fitted with military grade armor at least five inches thick, and the wheels are fitted with run flat tires that makes the vehicle drivable for a certain period of time. The vehicle's fuel tank is leak-proof and is invulnerable to explosions. Due to the thickness of the glass, much natural light is excluded, so a fluorescent halo lighting system in the headliner is essential. Unseen at a glance are two gatling guns hidden inside the lower part of the vehicle's front bumper, which are able to shoot and kill any attackers. Kept in the trunk is a blood bank of the Prime Minister blood type.

you know what ? our country are not like the other country which has a sharp shooter to bang our prime minister. i know its all about safety. we dont want our country turn into a chaos. for me. its just about to waste a lot of money on this things. please. spend your money into a good things.


NatalianaRidz said...

arghhhhhhhhhh!! limo limo!
tapi pelik je? asl cm kotak?

xFRDSx said...

tu la pasal. da macam kotak tisu da. fully armor kate nye.

NatalianaRidz said...

lau kereta ni lau kuar kt malaysia xtau nk ckp pe.
lau lekir..tuah tu ok la...
elligent....designs ok..
lau limo nihh.alahaiii~


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