Thursday, December 23, 2010


the defination of backstabbers

back·stabbed, back·stab·bing, back·stabs
To attack (someone) unfairly, especially in an underhand, deceitful manner: "Some backstab each other and threaten to settle their differences with a punch" (Thomas Boswell).

and this for you oh my backstabbers

Just what is a BACKSTABBERS ?
Well lets us take a look
It might just be your friend
secretly calling you a crook
A Backstabber has no stomach
For combat face to face
Throwing knives at your back
From a safe hiding place
A Backstabbers works covertly
Sometimes sharing lunch at noon
Playing words game at the table
Gathering data for your doom
A deadly enemy out in the open
Will often warrant praise
But a Backstabbers is a coward
And is deserving of our rage
Have you ever took a stab
At the back of a friend ?
Did you know in your in life
Condemns backstabbing as sin
Before you throw that next dagger
Take this warning from above
Lest you reap a backstabbing
From someone you love !


lavender harum wangi said...

wohooo~ anda ditikam kah? rilek suda~ what goes around comes around.. orang yang menikam pasti akan ditikam kembali.. haha :D

xFRDSx said...

haha. tu la pasal. jangan sampai nak mati nanti susah nak mati.

Amiey White said...

belasah dia balik~ nasihat amiey okay x? huhuhu

xFRDSx said...

ok sangat tu. kalau boleh da lama da nak kena belasah. fikirkan dulu kawan baik je.


pakai baju kalis peluru~

xFRDSx said...

betul jgk tu. tapi dia tak pakai pistol. dia pakai pisau.


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