Friday, January 14, 2011

Funny and Toungetwister Name on Facebook

there is some reason why human in this world becoming so unique. one of the reason is thier name. i dont think this your real name and i hope you are not proud about it. BE A MAN !

meme, is it your real name ? *sigh


he came and cum.

i dont think you are demon enough and your from indonesia. not thailand

your name are toungetwister enough

there is no hope with laika. tetttt !

yo dude. do you like to have some brawl with me ?

anus ? really ?

serius. your name are totally fail.

deepthroat ? are you gay maulana ?

totally fail !



Amiey White said...

yang last memang totally fail lol

xFRDSx said...

haha. serius fail.


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