Sunday, November 22, 2009

aku pon tak tau nak cakap ape lagi.....

Last night i told everything to eaman bout him. So i decided to stay away from him. And to u, if u are reading this, i hope u understand. I know that someone's better than me is waiting for u outside there. Go and get for her. Sorry for everything friend. Dun be too silly waiting for things that u might not get. U can throw me away out of your mind. Sorry. These few words may hurt u.

kat atas di tuju kan kpd aku. aku tau.


shes told dat i am not for her. hmm. its hard 4 me. but dats the truth dat i hv 2 accept. imy. ily. let ur bf read dis. so he will know wat exctly im feelin now. so its ok. let her go. but shes the perfectos 4 me i ever seen.

p/s ; Pay attention to your twisted little indiscretions
I've got no right to win
I'm just caught up in all the battles

slipknot - before i forget

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