Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Stupid Question From The Press Conference

very very douchebag.

i dont how they come up with this such jerk off question while the press conference is about football. dont make me laugh. Landon Donovan is not a singer. he is nothing to do with Micheal Jackson. so how can the press question him about MJ. sorry nutty-press. you are moron.

seriously. i cant brain this.

ok. i had enough with this shit when i was kid. such as politician people ask me about the BN, PAS and whatever crap. sorry guys. i was an underage kid to talk about politician.


didi notti said...

haha...asal sengal sgt derr??? sejak bilerr la plak MJ ada kna mgena ngan bola kan ?
wartawan mane uhhh??

xFRDSx said...

aku rasa press ni gila MJ dan obama. serius butthurt !


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